The price of Lemon Jelly – 29p at the corner shop
(Priceless personal inspiration or a valuable collection of pop-stuff?)

In 2003 Lemon Jelly toured the UK. They came to play in my hometown which at the time was Birmingham. Birmingham’s music venues change often so I’m not sure if it was the grand-iesque HUmmingbird club or the old converted town hall further up the northern quarter of the city.

Regardless of the venue, ah yes! I recall now… It was the Hummingbird! I’m sure of this because now that I’m thinking about the merchandise shown in the pics in this post I my internal TV is tuning in with HD clarity to an emotional moment. That moment was when I clapped eyes on the tour merchandise at the end of the show.

These were giveaways and far exceeded the joy of buying the T-shirt. I was working freelance at design and advertising companies at the time and so knew that Deakin of Airside was a sugary ingredient in the duo Lemon Jelly. 

It was a joy to read the industry magazines including (the sadly missed) Design Week and (the still hot and trail-blazer) Creative Review and hear about what Deakin was up to whilst also picking up copies of NME and Melody Maker to hear about the ambitions Lemon Jelly producer Nick Franglen.

So, the musical experience faded-away and whatever remains of the that night is in these Lucky Bags. I remember that I left the gig with 4 of them (clandestinely stuffing three others into the one bag) – have no doubt become the stuff of legend for the owners of Airside who have decided to call it a day.

As a music fan and graphic designer I like ephemera. And I know there’s a lot of others out there who need to ‘come-out’. What I mean by this is there’s no shame in being a hoarder of stuff you. There’s a duality too. Every graphic designer is inspired by the stuff they pick up and keep.

Come on you old boys of graphic design. If you began designing in a pre-twitter, -facebook, -behance time then go scout your cluttered box of design ‘momento mori’s’. Delve in and let’s share some inspiration around.

Given that the Airside have announced that in March 2012 they’ll shutting-up shop I’d like to know what effect their shift into the stuff of legacy and myth (a wikipedia entry) has on the merchandise produced by them for Lemon Jelly. Is there a commercial value to this pop-stuff?

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