A haptic logotype made during an artist in residence post at Parisienne fleuriste’s boutique Marion Audier in the 9th arrondissement Rue de Dunkerque Paris

The pressings of spring, from the of petals of yesterday, the spring equinox preserved, accessories of the season.

Chatterers + Bavarderers a parisian soiree in paris for folks (and animals) to talk English and French. A people friendly place to upgrade your language skills.


The choices of colour, typeface and size were already determined by how they once appeared in printed form, on summer festival flyers; that at one time had been stacked-up in my local coffee shop.

And here each re-materialise, serving this new arrangement. Firstly there’s linguistic elements pulling in something poetic and narrative; and there’s also the visual tempo; flowing as colour, size and proximity.

Their journey becomes your journey: a coming together to find the collective spirit, ideas, dallying and etceteras that tune us all into what I’ve named here as being our:

‘Magic Society Music Safari’

Made with words found on flyers jaguarshoescollective Old Shoreditch Firestation - copyright Paul Wright 2014

Readymade and ready to go - this cabinet of poetry curiosity